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Since August 2016 we have had the opportunity to paint with over 5,000 people in public and private paint events. It has been a wonderful experience for us and we have enjoyed seeing everyone's creative talents. Unfortunately not everyone has been able to join us that has wanted too. We have had a number of requests from Senior Centers or Assisted Living Facilities to have us participate in day activities with their residents. However, due to regular cost per person concerns or scheduling difficulties we have been limited in our options.

As an alternative we are proposing an online option that offers unlimited access for an individual or for group settings. These online step by step tutorials could be followed to paint or to just watch the painting be created. The videos would provide the same type of instruction available as if the instructor was painting in the room.

When launched in January 2018, this new website will offer 10 videos with new videos added every month. Each subscription would offer unlimited access for any resident or staff to use. As an example of what would be available please see the YouTube link above to follow the instruction for our Loves Me, Loves Me Not painting.


We would love your feedback regarding this online option. Please feel free to call or email us for additional information. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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